a-maze-ing. a spatial wiki

Participative Installation

a-maze-ing. a spatial wiki is a participative installation for a collective (re-)construction of the surrounding space in form of a Spatial Wiki. In Bucharest a-maze-ing explores the city in collaboration with local activists and random acquaintances, people met on the street. The focus is on memories of places, and on changes and strategies of appropriation within the neighborhood, to learn about how these are perceived but also influenced by the citizens. Possible centers of these examinations could be the formal and informal use of abandoned or formerly abandoned buildings, the construction of new and the demolition of old buildings, the presence of old and new cafés, stores and the like. Those impressions are collected in form of stories, pictures, sounds, objects etc. which will be integrated into the Spatial Wiki.

A collection of the material from Mariannenplatz (Berlin) and Praga (Warsaw) is part of the Spatial Wiki installation in Carol Park (Bucharest). a-maze-ing thus knots those three places into a real-fictitious space.

Thursday, 28.10.2010 | 18:00

Bucharest Process