House of Blurry Edges

Sculpture by Kai Schiemenz & Iris Flügel

House of the blurry edgeshas the structure of a three dimensional cube puzzle in the size of 200 x 200 x 200 cm. Dimensioned to be transported in a truck, it is built in four parts out of wood and painted with different colors of blackboard paint (black, green, plaid pink, grey). The main idea is that you are able to transform the object according to its function and subjective needs.

It is an It-Could-Be-Structure, a useable display: as a platform, as a theater, as a garden, as a monument or after all a simple sculpture. House of the blurry edges is a choreographed sculpture starting as a cube, like a Malevich-inspired Kaaba in Berlin and morphing within the whole voyage into an observation point with a garden inside in Bucharest.

At all times the structure remains an Everyone-Can-Use-Structure, a source of something else, something could-be. Everyone is able to temporarily extend the structure, which means that it should be possible to move single parts back into each other afterwards - back to the innocent cubical form.

Sunday, 16.05.2010 | 15:00

Berlin Mariannenplatz Installation