Dance Psychotherapy

Workshop with Aleksandra Łukasiewicz

Dance and movement psychotherapy emerged after the WWII in the United States and Great Britain. The method is commonly known under the original English name DMT- Dance Movement Therapy. It is based on the principle that body and psyche are intertwined. Our mental states affect the condition of our bodies and bodily sensations modify our mental state. The DMT process relies on the link between our inner feelings and their expression through movement. The brief workshop will provide an opportunity to experience selected elements of the DMT, share your moves, work individually or in groups. The workshop welcomes people who are curious about themselves, but also about their relations with others, as well as those wishing to discover the hidden motivation of their own actions through creativity in individual or group process.

Sunday, 20.06.2010 | 15:30

Warsaw Pole Mokotowskie Workshop