reflectere lat

Bodily performance by ZündWerk

relfectere lat
german: zurückbeugen, -biegen, -krümmen 
english: to bend

Based on the word „reflectere“ which is coming from latin (to bend back), we offer a manual to take reflexive attitudes. At several places around knot, 4 pink dots are attached to the urban scenery.

We invite the residents, visitors and passers-by to connect these 4 dots with hands and feet and playful look for opportunities.

On saturday the 10th of july at 4pm, a performance will take place for twenty minutes at some marked locations. 

Reflection needs some effort, physically and mentally. It conditions a curvature of the body. Leave the upright posture for a moment and venture a step into the unknown. 

Saturday, 10.07.2010 | 16:00

Warsaw Praga Północ Event