The Knottet Archiblabla (Sknocona Archigadanina) at the Konopacki Palace


We sincerely invite you to participate in an exciting architectural bazaar. It will take the form of a market of architectural ideas linked to the redevelopment of the Konopacki Palace - a dilapidated mid-19th century industrialist’s residence in the run-down, right-bank Warsaw district of Praga Północ. The ideas will be formulated by 15 international architects, artists involved with public space, critics and activists who have been invited to participate in a high-speed architectural competition.

They will only have one day to develop their design!

During the Architectural Bazaar, the public will be able to discuss and influence the form and content of the presented projects. Subsequently, a vote will be held to choose the winning project. The winning design will be submitted to the district authorities of Praga Północ as well as the President of Warsaw.


On Saturday 10th July, each participant/team (“archi-traders”) will take up residence at their own market stall in the grounds of the Konopacki Palace. Guests (“archi-marketgoers) of the Knotted Archiblabla will then make their way around the archi-traders' stalls, commenting on the various proposals and suggesting possible alterations, entering into a dialogue with the designers. The archi-traders will have drawing materials as well as plasticine at their disposal, and will be able to make alterations to their design on the basis of their conversations with the marketgoers. Each marketgoer whose proposal results in a substantive alteration to the trader’s project will have their name included on the final draft of the design. The market will take place between 1pm and 5pm. By 5:30pm, each participant/team must have prepared the final draft of their project. They will then present their design to the public, in a two-minute sales pitch. The public will vote to select the best design – either the work of one team, or a combination of proposals offered by several of the teams.

Saturday, 10.07.2010 | 13:00

Warsaw Praga Północ Event