Raum für Projektion

One project and two videos by Graw Böckler with music by popnoname & guests

The motto during the filming of „no comment boiçucanga“ was „filmamos todos“. This project is Graw Böckler’s first dive into producing a feature length movie and consists of abritrary images shot in Brazil and Argentina. "1st of May / forbidden images" is about social gatherings in Berlin, Grabow and Oporto on the 1st of May.

The second title "forbidden images" refers to the subtitles that talk about difficulties in filming and being filmed in public space. The project "unauthorized commercials" with music by popnoname & guests creates an independent visual discourse upon products and services. Graw Böckler filmed and produced 56 advertising clips for international brands without permission nor authorization. The music is by popnoname & guests.

Friday, 16.07.2010 | 21:00

Warsaw Praga Północ Event