Invitation to dine with the aliens

A dinner spiced with stories

The KNOT is a big cooking table onto which ideas, tastes, ingredients and flavours from the most varied sources are mixed together to create – slowly but surely – new recipes.

Cooking and eating together becomes highly representative for most activities performed at the KNOT, as one of the social activities in which communication and interaction take place even in the lack of a visible direct exchange.

We have invited three special guests who are to be taking cooking as a pretext for giving us insights into their different personal experiences as wanderers in the world and as inhabitants of alien spaces and languages which they turned into their own homes. Armando Gómez Roo, Maya Gordon and Fernando Klabin will cook for us a dinner spiced with stories, stories of displacement in which home is where one can speak, act and be outside the narrow frames of national culture/ ethnic belonging/ identity burden, at the same time using from all these only the best ingredients, and thus turning clichés into tasty assets.

Sunday, 04.07.2010 | 19:00

Warsaw Ursynów Event
Armando Gómez Roo
Fernando Klabin
Maya Gordon