Saliva, or The Coming Community Multisensual Band. Performance by Roman Dziadkiewicz and Guests

“According to George Bataille, humans manifest their place in the world through utility-unrelated expenditure and intake of energy, whose natural characteristic is excess. Excess demands dissipation” (M. Linkowska)

SATCCMB is a several-person, dynamic, improvised and affirmative social movement with an open form. What we play (do) is an alloy of energetic sounds of electric and electro-acoustic guitars, bongos, shouts, whispers and chants, simple melodies, melancholic and philosophical texts, viola and any other instruments, gestures, experimental forms of participation, which we often make room for during our open improvised rehearsals, concerts, performances, parties and therapeutic sessions featuring refined techniques of relaxation, hyperventilation and movement (pogo, jumping, bumping, brushing, hugging, kissing, wallowing, falling down and standing up again, etc.)

The concert (or multi-sensual performance) on the roof of THE KNOT relies on possibly simultaneous work of many hands, legs, vocal chords as well as memory, voice, hearing, bodily motor functions, gesture, touch, cultural clichés, quotations, grotesque (as seen by Bachtin), distorted and sentimental poetic, musical and theatrical themes (e.g. mouth wide open), and also on the interface between what we see, hear and imagine.

Our experiments and attractions bear clear references to centuries-old plebeian traditions – hobo, punk, grunge, Russian romances and local themes of musical poetry, developed for ages in peculiar, cave-like atmospheric conditions of the Cracow hollow – the soil where our roots still give out fresh sprouts of the band.

Sunday, 20.06.2010 | 20:30

Warsaw Pole Mokotowskie Event