Vice Versa!

Outdoor game based on the Braille Alphabet by Joanna Turek, Filip Zagończyk, Marta Żakowska

„Vice Versa!” is an outdoor game based on the Braille Alphabet. The plot, which develops in the urban space, is co-created by Filip Zagończyk (filipzagonczyk.blox.pl), Polish Association of the Blind and Joanna Turek and Marta Żakowska from the Centre for Public Space Research. Both seeing and blind people are welcome to take part.

Relying on multi-sensual stimuli, the structure of the game refers to urban domination of the sense of sight in the cultural industry of the city. It also revolves around social, relational methods and the origins of developing projects that merge art and social activism. What’s more, by re-enacting situations of everyday moving and getting around the city, which is not adapted to the needs of the visually impaired, the authors want to point out that the city is a space of exclusion (and that the need exists to change the status quo). During the game, it is the blind who guide the seeing.

Sunday, 20.06.2010 | 13:00

Warsaw Pole Mokotowskie Event