Ticket Gate Jumping

Performance and installation by Tomek Sacilowski & Igor Krenz

Ticket Gate Jumping is a sport game in which participants have to jump through an artificial ticket barrier.

Artists will install in KNOT's surrounding a training tool inspired by electric gates, very popular in underground stations, which block the passage for one having old ticket or wrong magnetic card. Our training facility will be a very simple replica of such a nasty element of urban environment, aimed to train people in jumping a real one in public space. Additionally there will be a running path around KNOT, with fake ticket gate as a central point of that. We'll organize daily training activities, special sessions with professional coach and a final cup. It will be a competition open for everybody who would like to test their skills as city activists, parkour runners and urban acrobats.

Friday, 18.06.2010 | 18:00

Warsaw Pole Mokotowskie Event