Biting Song

A concert performance by Gentileza

"Catarina and Sara shared a recurrent dream, during childhood, referring to a dark abstract place with a spinning shape in the centre, massive and white or luminous and immaterial. This landscape contained in itself a deep low pain as a slow form of terror, sometimes sharp and acid. There was a continuous distant milky sound that could become incisive and near."

Gentileza is a sound art project developed by Catarina Miranda & Sara Pereira & Guests, started in 2005. It mainly consists of a long term research, relating sound, visual, performance and speech. Recently they develop Biting Song project - a research on the relation of perception and physicality, reflecting on suppression and existence, in a state of permanence around abstract mental places.

They've performed at JUP (Porto, Pt) CITAC (Coimbra, Pt), 555 (Porto, Pt), Cinema Passos Manuel, integrated in LAWINE Festival (Porto, Pt), F.M.L.E. (Valencia, Es), Atelier Matador Kantine, (Berlin, De), Altes Finanzamt (Berlin De). 

Friday, 14.05.2010 | 21:30

Berlin Mariannenplatz Event