Knotting Spaces

Film Documentation by Katharina Koch in Warsaw

The film ‘Knotting Spaces’ is based mainly on two interconnected levels. On the one hand it focuses on various artistic, cultural, political, social and activist events and single projects of THE KNOT in Berlin, Warsaw, and Bucharest. Basically the filmmaker intends to follow the implementation of THE KNOT as a mobile platform in specific locations of the three cities. She is interested specifically in various cultural, political and social interventions carried out by the participants as well as interactions with the neighborhoods and the local public in constantly changing conditions.

On the other hand the filmmaker – as a member of the KNOT-collective – takes a look inside THE KNOT at its different stages as a place of production of ideas, visions, experiences, interactions, everyday life routines and their changes as well as observes developments while the project is running and intervening in different cities and places with different participants and public. The filmmaker accompanies diverse stages and asks for opinions, ideas, experiences, relations, and changing expectations, perspectives and future visions among participants of THE KNOT.

Thursday, 15.07.2010 | 22:00

Warsaw Film Process