Witold Kaszpiro (Marcin Jażyński, Orgia myśli)

”Give me coal! or Mr Witold”


Witold Kaszpiro – it stems from the sent biography, with enclosed copies of various documents and certificates, that the author was employed as a physical worker and then white-collar worker in industrial plants in many major centres in Poland (Konin, Wałbrzych, Bełchatów, Stalowa Wola and towns in Upper-Silesia and Zagłębie Dąbrowskie). He is currently in “one of the major cities in Poland”, where he works as a parking controller.

The writer’s oeuvre, so far unpublished, embraces prose, scripts and dramas as well as two essays with enigmatic titles [all titles in unofficial English versions] Enough of what’s owned. I accuse Heidegger! and Against spiritual pseudo-Austrianism. Towards non-magical antirealism of Central Europe. The novel Węgla! [Give me coal!] (published by Orgia Myśli) is the first link of the 12-part cycle under the common title Trips around Slovania, presenting different regions of an imaginary republic. Until now, two other novels have been written, Go fishing about a touristically attractive lake district and Life, work and death of dr. eng. Jędrzej Feliński concerning the construction of the City of Heroes – second of finished urban centres of the so-called Slovanian Seven-Cities, which was mentioned already in Węgla!. All plots are about to meet in the final part, planned under the working title Rendez-vous inthe fire rain, set in the “realm” of the capital of the republic. Also a “fully rational” (according to the author) solution of the mystery, unsolved in previous parts, is going to be presented there.

Orgia Myśli is currently considering publication of selected excerpts from two other sent works entitled 120 days of Sodom, or PRL and Martyrdom of St. M... – television play in nineteen acts – it might take place upon lawyer’s recommendation.

Marcin Jażyński – graduate of the Facuty of Philosophy (University of Warsaw), Ph.D. at the Institute of Philosophy; film director, deals with various forms of video and painting. In constant cooperation with Maciek Sznabel, director of animated movies.

Project: ”Give me coal! or Mr Witold”

Mr Witold. Amateur tennis player, writer, marathon runner and declared self-learner. On Tuesdays and Thursdays he works as a parking controller, on other days of the week he deals with tennis court maintenance. Pulling a shaft of over 100 kilos, he alternately quotes Nietzche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra and excerpts from his own novel entitled Węgla! [Give me coal!]. He is much invloved in the critique of Aristotle’s theory of the state, but drops it quickly to joke salaciously with his friend, young female clerk at the Społem grocery store the very next moment. Likes beer, smokes “Mocne” cigarettes and runs marathons under 3 hours 30 minutes. Through his short quasi-documentary movie, Marcin Jażyński attempts to reconstruct the writer’s figure in various ways, which the writer himself tries to prevent in any way he can.

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