The POLE WIDZENIA Foundation

"UFO KNOT" - drawing workshop for children


The POLE WIDZENIA foundation was established in 2004. The main area in which it carries out its statutory purposes is the POLE WIDZENIA Art Studio, which commenced its activities in September 2004. Classes shall be conducted i.a. by: Olga Lubacz, Maria Przyszychowska and Piotr Kopik.

Project: UFO KNOT - drawing workshop for children

Workshop for children will be devoted to imagining THE KNOT as a UFO. Pneumatic tents will be envisaged as remnants of a spaceship. Workshop will be divided into two posts. At the first, kids will imagine how THE KNOT aliens could look like. At the very beginning all participants will outline their figures on a large and very long sheet of paper. However, it is important that the outlined people lie in unobvious, unusual positions. Then everyone will embark on filling the contours with paint. Only three colours will be available – the same as the tents. Another post will be at the table. Kids will invent appliances, technologies that might be brought by THE KNOT aliens as a gift for the inhabitants of Ursynów. They will also fantasise about the adventures of THE KNOT aliens. Drawings, comic strips and collages will emerge from this post.

Length of the workshop is 3 hours, from 14.00 to 17.00. Participants will be able to embark on their tasks at any time and work for however long they wish within the specified timespan.

Warsaw Foundation Art studio Workshop for children