Aleksandra Hirszfeld

Public Noise. Noise Collector


Artist, art critic, eternal student. Both practically and theoretically, she mainly explores the space of the new media, tracing veiled, underlying structures that govern the way images are constructed and made to work, as well as mechanisms that impact and trigger micro-activities in the socio-cultural tissue. Currently she is preparing a Ph.D. thesis at the Institute of Philosophy, University of Warsaw, devoted to the matter of re-enactment in audiovisual art. She also studies photography at the Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Łódź.

Project: Noise Collector

The KNOT will offer public access to the so-called Noise collector, where everyone can record their own message of any kind. In the future, gathered statements will serve as a base of informative noise for the “Information Absorber” – installation in the form of a sound cabin, which lays bare the not-so-pleasant face of public space through its function of neutralisation of any content by locating it among the rest of accumulated communications. Thus a chaotic mosaic emerges. The message is deadened and multiplied at the same time, so that its bursting fractions contain an echo of the discourse of anonymity, belonging do everyone and no one...

Artist Art Critic Eternal Student New Media Art